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    Web development-choose a design and content!

    First impression which your visitors will have is probably the most important. That’s why the design and content are the most important parts of website as it directly affects your potential achieving your goals. If visitors do not find for what they have come for it most unlikely that they will ever come back again. OTHA Solutions help you desing and implement clean, functional, effective and modern website which will be optimized for all devices and all screen resolutions for best user expirience. It brings countless advanteges in terms of users simplicity of use, ability to identify relevant content requested and also in terms of maintenance.

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    Furthermore, your website logo is your online indentity and the right one will make you stand out from the others. Design of a logo is not a cost but longterm investment which will help you boost your business. With a right logo you are effectivly communicating with the world sending the true image of your business. OTHA Solutions will be glad to help you design it!

    OTHA Solutions

    WordPress as a recommendation

    WordPress is the most popular content management system these days. It is designed with the purpose of making website faster, easier, extremely functional and safer. We guarantee the speed, mobile friendly experience and of course safety. We are making all websites optimized for all search engines with ability of tracking your website performance and visit statistics. One of the main advantages is that you can easily perform content adjustments on your website. In case you do not have time or you want to be sure that things are done properly in terms of design and safety you may choose one of our packages and we will be glad to help your website grow to a powerful tool of your business.
    We have prepared support packages and maintenance.

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    Why support and maintenance?

    After a website have been constructed you are getting a time limited free of charge support. During this period we will take care of all vital elements to ensure reliable, fast and safe functionality of your website. Also, during this period we are helping you how to use it and perform adjustments if needed. Period of free of charge support depends on the package you have chosen.
    After free of charge period is expired you may choose one of the packages we have prepared for you or you may continue maintaining website on your own.
    OTHA Solutions recommends a regular maintenance of a website in order to ensure integrity, stability and above all safety of you and your visitors. This means regular update of WP Source code and all plugins in use and of course regular backups of your website. Some packages also include the changes and updates of the content on the website itself.

    Updates and maintenance rules

    Website content adjustments does not mean writing of text, image and video proccessing.
    OTHA Solutions is not responsible for any grammar or typing mistakes provided by client.
    Maintenance of website does not include social media support or social media content management
    Redesign and new funckcionalities are not included in support packages
    Client is obliged to provide all content for website update/ajdustment 2-3 days earlier
    In case you are running bigger website with dynamcial content which requires frequenent changes and updates we recommend choosing one of advanced OTHA Solutions support packages
    In case you do not need support and maintenance we are ready to support you as needed with the price of 20€/h