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    SEO optimization is not only website improvements for search engines but also it means that website is more attracted and easier for potential visitors to visit your website and use it in the future. There are many techniques used in SEO optimization from using keywords in your content to the strategies applied which are making other websites leading towards yours. Text or word content is the most important part of SEO optimization. As Google for example but others too, constantly developing and changing their search algorithms it is crucial to follow up these changes and keep your website updated to follow up latest techniques.

    SEO copywriting

    SEO optimization of text will guarantee the good rating and position on global search engines which will increase website traffic and more important resulting in increased sales of your product or services.

    If you choose SEO approach for writing texts or lecturing existing content OTHA Solutions offers you the following services.We need to cooperate with the client in obtaining useful information in order to respond to the request as high as possible.

    One page optimally contains around 2000 characters ( spaces included ) which is about 300 words.

    The cost of writing original texts for SEO optimization single page is 20 € or 90 € for 5 pages.

    Correction, proofreading and SEO optimization on existing texts:
    The price of the correction of the existing texts so that they are proofread and SEO optimized is 9 € per page or 40 € for 5 pages.

    With good, clear, high-quality and interesting content you can attract visitors to read, archive, quote, forward through e-mails or share on the social networks your website content.